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Meet the Board

Don Bryson, President

District 5

Don has served on the Board for 5 year, starting in 2017.
He has served on the Executive Committee as Board President, also Parkland Planning Committee, Parks, Lawns and Ballfield.


Marsha Brooks, Vice President

District 4 (serving at large)
Serving on the Parkwood HOA Board since October 2017
Parks and Lawns, Parkland Planning, and Finance Committees

Vickie Wheeler, Secretary
District 2


Marie Dean, Treasurer
District 8
Serving on the Parkwood HOA board since October 2017, but has also served other terms as far far back as the early 1990's.

Finance, Parks and Lawns, Playgrounds, Parkland Planning and Executive Committees

My husband & I have lived in Parkwood since September of 1980, and I have served on the Board of Directors at least a third of that time.  During my first tenure on the board I served as the chairperson of the P&L Committee, introducing the community to use of contractor to maintain parkland property.


Leigh Anna Hutchinson
District 1
Serving on the Parkwood HOA Board since October 2018
Parks and Lawns committee 


Diane Wright
District 1

Diane Wright was elected to the Parkwood Association Board in 2021. She is starting the second year of her term. She is a member of the Garden Committee.

Diane has lived in Parkwood for 3 years.


Dennis Sharp - Parkwood Association BoardDennis Sharp
District 2 ( serving at large )

Dennis was elected to the Parkwood Association Board in 2022.

I am a retired Soldier. About half of my career was that of an instructor. I am accustomed to speaking in public. I am a widower but live with a great deal of family, in Parkwood. This is our home, and I would like to do my share in making it better. I am here to serve.

Richard Evert
District 3

Richard has served on the Parkwood Association Board for two years. 

My wife & I settled in Parkwood in July 2017 for our retirement, because we love the diversity of the community and its trails, open spaces and play areas. I have served on the Board for the past two years. I am a retired lawyer with experience in affordable housing, contracting, finance and litigation. I have enjoyed serving on the Board and working to preserve and enhance the qualities we love about this community. I am particularly interested in maintaining and improving the common spaces and in issues related to enforcement of restrictive covenants.


Daniel Kastner
District 3

Dan was elected to the Parkwood Association Board in 2022. He is interested in serving on the Parkland Planning Committee as well as Parks, Lawns and Ballfield Committee.

My wife and I have lived in Parkwood for over 6 years now and have enjoyed watching our neighborhood grow, change, and continually be maintained. Being involved on the board is important to me, and I’m excited at the opportunity to be a part of that change and the continual improvement of our district. Parkwood has become our home, our quiet place of retreat, and where my wife and I began our lives together.

When it comes to housework, yard work, or any type of home improvement project, I can be quite handy…. We’ve renovated our home entirely by ourselves and look to utilize those skills elsewhere in the community through volunteer events.

My hobbies and activities outside of work include woodworking, boating, cycling, house projects (never ending), and traveling. We’re also avid fans of the Durham Bulls and consider ourselves Caniacs.

Professionally I am a Sales Manager at a small, independently owned car dealership in Raleigh. We focus primarily on BMW and other European brands and have a great time (no minivans). I enjoy meeting new people everyday and marrying my passion of cars with my drive to help others.

I’m looking forward to serving our neighborhood and getting to meet the other members!

Tracee HesterTracee Hester
District 4
Tracey is interested in serving on the Executive Committee as well as reviving our Events Committee in Parkwood.

Tracee began serving on the Parkwood Association Board with the 2022 Board Election.
She has lived in Parkwood for 1 year.

As a team player I am great with thinking outside of the box with creative ways to make things more efficient in processes and operations. My experience in business has been acknowledged in renowned business such as Forbes list 2021. My motivation for seeing on the board is driven by wanting to make Parkwood an even more great community to live in by bringing fun and innovative events that will bring the community together even more! I love the convenience, safeness, and friendly residents of this community. I own a chain of nail schools and nail salons franchise here in the USA and Africa called Trendy Nailz Institute and Trendy Nailz Salon.

Olga Rodriguez
District 5
Serving on the Parkwood HOA Board since 2014
Olga currently serves on the Finance Committee. 
She previously served on as the Newsletter (Chair) as well as on Communications, Events and Annual Meeting committees

I LOVE PARKWOOD! It's been home since I moved to NC in 2011, and although we've floated from house to house as our family expanded, we have remained faithful to Parkwood and all the joys it brings us! I like to think I'm paying back some of that joy by serving on the board, most of my volunteer work goes into the Finance Committee. On my off time I currently enjoy learning to knit/crochet, spending time with my husband and 2 kids, and working on our fixer upper!


Paige Darlington
District 6


Mary Mertz
District 6

I have lived in Parkwood for 32 years. Parkwood has been a central location to pursue my career in education. As a new board member, I more than ever appreciate our volunteers who work to keep Parkwood vibrant. I plan to become involved in Parkwood's gardens and help in other ways as needed.

Felipe Rodriguez
District 7
Serving on the Finance Committee

Felipe has served on the Board for two years so far. He has been a Parkwood resident for five years.


Julia Maron
District 7
Julia began serving on the Parkwood Association Board with the 2022 Board Election.
She is serving on the Parkland Planning Committee

My fiancé and I moved to Parkwood in July 2022 after I finished graduate school at UNC Chapel Hill, where I received my masters in City and Regional Planning! I’ve always been interested in being active within my community and I’m excited for the opportunity to work alongside neighbors in Parkwood. I currently work with communities across North Carolina to help them better prepare for natural hazards like flooding and hurricanes, so I’m very much in tune with listening and understanding the needs of others. We are excited that our first house is in Parkwood and we spend our free time learning how to improve our house and walking our dog!

Lawrence Engleman
District 8 (serving at large)

Lawrence was elected to the Board in October 2022. He plans to join the Park and Lawns Committee as well as Parkland Planning Committee, He is interested in serving on the Executive Committee.

I have 15 years of experience leading global IT teams, negotiating vendor contracts, managing budgets, etc. I'm also the guy who walks the McCormick/Seaton/Revere circle, picking up trash with a bag and a grabber. I'm invested in keeping Parkwood a great place to live, and plan to have my home in Parkwood for many years.