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Parkwood Association

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Download BOD List
Download Parkwood Bylaws, Sept. 2018--Searchable
Download Trails Map
Download Parkwood Service Provider List
Posted on Jul 11, 2018
Download Articles of Incorporation
Download Covenants as Searchable Document
Download Covenants
Download Resolution on Enforcing Community Standards
Download Community Center Rental Agreement 2017

Web Links
What's Next, Parkwood?
Report an issue to the City of Durham
Closing and Lender Information
Streetlight Repair
City of Durham
Google Group!forum/parkwoodnc

Other Documents
Local Service Providers
Download Service Provider List
Posted on Jul 11, 2018
Download Parkwood Press Ad Form
Download Powell Bill Report
Download Parkwood Storm Drains Public
Download Living in a Subdivision
Download Catfish Necropsy Report
Download Parkwood Electrofishing Report 2015
Download RFP for Water Body Maintenance Contact and Attachments 1 and 2

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